För en stund sedan fick jag ett mail med ovanstående ämnesrad. Innehållet är som följer:

Dear Friend

I am writing to seek for your noble and professional assistance in investing the fund my late husband who died left us behind. By introduction, I am Mrs Stephanie M. Morifo a citizen of Mukani district in Republic of Sierra Leone and wife of late Mr. Rafele Morifo . Mr. Rafele morifo my late husband was a well-known businessman who is a Cocoa / Diamond dealer in the whole West Africa before he died. After his return from a business trip abroad, he was attacked by unknown assassins in his house in Abidjan where he was rushed to the hospital and later died after some days. (May his soul rest in peace) Before he died in the hospital he disclosed to me about the metallic trunk box that contains sum eighteen million eight hundred and fifty thousand US dollars($18,850.000.00) he deposited in a private security storage company.

Before he died he instructed me to claim the money and invest it overseas through the help of a trustworthy Person/company for our future life.

So because of the political crises in this country and from the instructions, gives me the courage to contact you to know if you can be able to give me a good assistance in which the metalic trunk box that contains the money will be lifted to your country for a lucrative investments. I will prefer investing in Textiles or any other areas of investment that will be profitable. I have contacted the director of the security storage company and make an enquiries with all the related documents issued to my late husband at the time he deposited the metalic trunk box and confirm it real. Please I am appealing to you to assist me hence I have it in mind to establish a rewarding relationship with you by giving you 20% of the total sum.
Because of this programe I and my first son (steve) have decided to seek for your assistance. Please help a widow woman like me as you will never have any thing to regret.

Looking forward to receive your positive response.

Please use this email: [removed] to contact me directly.

Thanks and Remain blessed.
Mrs Stephanie M. Morifo

Jag har skickat ett mail tillbaka med följande ordalydelse:

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your loss. It’s never easy to lose a loved one.
Of course I am interested in helping you with this serious situation. In what way can I be of assistance?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,
Johan Folin

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